Aggravated Assault Charges in Pittsburgh, PA

In Pennsylvania there are two types of assault: simple assault and aggravated assault. Aggravated assault is a much more serious crime and involves tougher penalties, sentencing and fines.

A conviction of aggravated assault or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon is a second-degree felony. Maximum sentencing can include up to ten years of prison time. A first-degree aggravated assault felony conviction involves up to twenty years of prison time.

According to the Statutes of Pennsylvania Title 18—2702, assault becomes aggravated assault when a person “attempts to cause serious bodily injury to another or causes serious injury intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.”

Aggravated assault also occurs when the defendant attempts to cause or places the victim in fear of serious bodily injury and the victim is a police officer, firefighter, parole officer, or any other correctional officer or law enforcement officer performing their duties.

If a defendant uses a stun gun or tear gas to incapacitate law enforcement officers, public officials, city and state officials, school teachers, including student teachers, or even public utility officials, this is considered aggravated assault. See Statutes of Pennsylvania Title 18—2702 for a complete list of officials.

An Aggravated Assault Arrest is NOT a Conviction

Each aggravated assault case is unique and there are many defenses that a really great attorney can make when fighting for your rights. Some of these defenses include: self-defense, a lack of intent to harm, the victim was not actually injured, the victim provoked the assault, a plea of insanity or involuntary intoxication. In addition to these defenses, there may be faulty evidence or the arresting officers may have used illegal or improper tactics when making your arrest. All of these situations are valid defenses and can be used to help build your case and attack the prosecution’s argument.

At Ketchel Law, our number one goal is to have your case dismissed.

If you have been charged with aggravated assault in Pennsylvania, call an experienced Pittsburgh assault attorney like Attorney Ketchel for a free consultation. Attorney Ketchel will aggressively fight on your behalf to ensure that your arrest has a minimal impact on all aspects of your life and your future. His legal team will investigate your case thoroughly, taking every angle to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

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