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Veterans Court in Allegheny County, PA: A Second Chance for Veterans


The United States military personnel face extraordinary challenges during their service, from the rigors of deployment to the trauma of combat. Many vets return home with mental and physical health issues that can lead to difficulties in their personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, some veterans end up in the criminal justice system as a result …

Can You Be Charged with DUI Without Driving?


Pennsylvania Court Further Defines ‘Operation’ of Vehicle in DUI Cases In Bold vs. Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the Commonwealth Court clarified the precedent for the term ‘operates’, which is used in the Implied Consent Law under Section 1547(b)(1)(ii) of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, 75 for license suspension cases. This definition expands the meaning to include …

Fentanyl Test Strips Now Legal in Pennsylvania


Every day more people are becoming addicted to Fentanyl and more drug dealers are lacing pills and other drugs with Fentanyl (often without the user’s knowledge). These drugs could include illegal prescription medicine like Oxycontin or other drugs like heroin and cocaine. This has left dealers and drug users wondering if their product is safe …

Recent PA Court Ruling on Medical Marijuana: A Schedule I Drug in DUI Cases


Court Rules You Can be Charged and Convicted of DUI of Drugs for using Medical Marijuana Many medical marijuana users in Pennsylvania are in shock over the recent ruling in early May 2022 that says the legal medicine they have been prescribed could mean they are at risk for being charged with Driving Under the …