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Do You Need a Criminal Attorney in Western Pennsylvania?

If your future and freedom are on the line, get advice from knowledgeable, successful and experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys in Western Pennsylvania.

If you were charged with a crime in Western Pennsylvania, call our attorneys for a free legal case evaluation. We will listen carefully to the details of your situation, weigh the circumstances and evidence, and use our extensive knowledge of the law to prepare a solid defense for you.

Being charged with a crime is a stressful situation and the sooner you speak with an attorney at Ketchel Law, the sooner we can begin to prepare your defense. 

An arrest is not a conviction.

Everybody is innocent until proven guilty, and each client deserves a thorough, vigorous defense. We will work diligently and aggressively to protect your rights and freedom.

From the moment you engage Ketchel Law to represent you, we will work tirelessly to ensure every aspect of your defense is addressed at every phase.

We will make certain you understand your rights and options so that you are prepared at every turn. From pre-trial hearings through the trial and beyond, our priority is to get your charges dismissed or significantly reduced.

Our number one goal: Having your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

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How Ketchel Law Can Help

Attorney Justin J. Ketchel is an experienced and successful attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a dedicated defender of justice with the wisdom and tenacity it takes to protect your legal rights and fight for your freedom.

Our Downtown Pittsburgh law firm helps defend against the following criminal charges:

Ketchel Law, located in downtown Pittsburgh across from the court house, has been successfully winning cases for clients across the board, from traffic violations, to DUI charges, tax evasion, drug crimes and retail theft to sex crimes, homicide and assault.

Our Pittsburgh Attorneys work aggressively, yet carefully, to ensure that our clients receive the best possible outcome under the law—that means fighting for your charges to be dismissed or the penalties significantly reduced.

Our attorneys are very familiar with the Commonwealth court system in Allegheny County, neighboring counties, and Western Pennsylvania, as well as the U.S. Federal Court System.

Our Clients Come First

We know our clients are under a great deal of stress. That’s why we take time to fully understand their needs and listen to their situations. By understanding the details of your case, we can apply our expertise in pursuing angles to help free you of your charges.

Our focus is always to determine the best strategy for a solid and successful case. We work diligently on our clients’ behalf to help you understand every step of the process so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Areas of Practice

Ketchel Law specializes in the following types of criminal defense:

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Our number one goal: Having your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

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