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In Pennsylvania, illegal possession of drugs or a controlled substance and trafficking illegal narcotics are taken very seriously and penalties are some of the toughest in the country. Prosecutors have a wide range of options in deciding what charges to file against you.

A conviction of even a minor drug charge can affect your ability to gain employment, not to mention cause harm to your family, your future, and, for college and university students, your eligibility to receive federal student loans, not to mention enrollment eligibility.

Even a first-time drug offense can mean prison time, a driver’s license suspension and cost thousands of dollars in fines.Oftentimes, the penalties you face upon conviction depend on whether you are being charged with a summary offense, misdemeanor, or felony. The penalties will also vary greatly as to whether you face simple possession charges or PWID, or possession with intent to distribute

Our number one goal: your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

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Federal and state legislators have worked very hard to crack down on drug offenses; as a result, people convicted of drug crimes in Pennsylvania receive some of the harshest sentences possible. 

An Arrest is Not a Conviction.

An Arrest is Not a Conviction – Know Your Rights.

Being charged with any crime is very stressful, but it is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty – Until you are convicted, you still have the right to defend yourself against the charges.

An experienced and knowledgeable drug attorney is going to be able to help you through that process and select a defense strategy that could help to have your charges dismissed or withdrawn. 



There are many defenses to drug crimes and our Pittsburgh Drug Lawyers have been successful in winning cases in Allegheny County and all throughout Western Pennsylvania.

We are here to help our clients and will look into every detail of your case to ensure we have covered all bases. Read our Google reviews from clients who have been satisfied with our work.

Several Drug Diversion or “Alternative-to-Jail” programs exist, as well as the ARD program for first-time drug offenders. We can help you apply for acceptance into these programs and keep criminal charges off your permanent record.

We will do everything possible to either fight your drug charges for a full dismissal or have your charges reduced significantly. We are extremely diligent and attentive to our clients and will do a full investigation into the police reports and build the strongest case possible to defend your freedom.

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We know people deserve second chances; that’s why we want to help. 

Our number one goal: your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

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Our Pittsburgh drug lawyers have successfully handled cases involving the following drug offenses:

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The PA criminal justice system must presume you are innocent of all charges unless a judge or jury finds you guilty. A skilled criminal attorney can assist you with every aspect of your case and will ferociously fight to protect your rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.

At Ketchel Law, our greatest strength lies in critically analyzing and dissecting the details of a police officer’s report looking for inherent weaknesses, and questioning the testimony of any experts or witnesses.

There are many possible ways to fight drug charges in Pennsylvania.

If the police officer conducted an illegal search or seizure or arrested you without probable cause, I’ll immediately file a suppression motion seeking a dismissal of your charges.

Our number one goal: your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

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Penalties for a Drug Crimes conviction could include:

DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS—An Arrest is Not a Conviction.

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We understand what you are going through and will tirelessly fight on your behalf to ensure that your arrest has a minimal impact on every aspect of your life.

Our number one goal: your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

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