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Family law is complicated. Justin Ketchel can make it work for you.

Don’t worry about the details. We’ll handle them.

Family law is a challenging area, because the stress levels for clients are often very high. When family matters become legal matters, emotions can take over. You need an attorney with a level head—and the knowledge to guide you through difficult situations with compassion and confidence. We handle cases dealing with divorce, custody, support, adoption, dependency and juvenile delinquency.

Our dedication is evident.

Justin Ketchel has worked for years in family law. As the former staff attorney for Kidsvoice, he represented more than 160 children in cases involving dependency, delinquency, custody, and adoption. Our familiarity with the differing rules and procedures in each county means that we can devote our full attention to representing your family’s legal needs. As an adult mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh, Justin Ketchel understands that every child is different, and every child is valuable. We take our responsibilities towards children very seriously and tirelessly work to ensure that the outcome of your case is in the best interest of your family and children.

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