Pennsylvania DUI Arrest—Prescription Medication

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence of prescription medication in Pennsylvania?

A DUI arrest for prescription medication in Pennsylvania puts you at serious risk for losing your license and having a permanent criminal record. If arrested for DUI of prescription meds, you will be charged with a DUI Controlled Substance, a very serious offense, even though the substance is legal and was prescribed by your Doctor.

Even if this is your first and only arrest, the charges you will face with an arrest for DUI of a prescription medication are more serious than a general impairment, first-time DUI for alcohol!

The maximum fine for a DUI Controlled Substance 1st offense is $5,000, a one-year license suspension and other possible sentencing including a minimum of 72 hours of imprisonment.

Our number one goal: Your DUI charges reduced or dismissed.

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A DUI Arrest for Prescription Meds in PA—What To Do Next

No case is hopeless, no matter the circumstances. You have many rights and thoroughly understanding those rights is the first step in getting your charges reduced or dropped altogether. Talking with an experienced attorney who can explain your rights and consider every option available is the best way to build a strong defense.

But don’t wait to contact a DUI lawyer — the longer you wait, the harder it will be to recall events, find possible witnesses, and ensure your constitutional rights were not violated during and after your arrest.

Most DUI Attorneys will provide you with a free consultation, including Justin J. Ketchel, so there is no risk in calling.

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Because prescription medication is needed in order to overcome certain ailments and disabilities, an experienced Pittsburgh DUI Attorney can figure out ways for charges to be reduced or dropped altogether.

There are many angles to beating a driving under the influence of prescription medications arrest.

Just because you have the drug in your system does not mean you will be convicted—there has to be proof that the medication also affected your ability to drive the vehicle. In addition, if an individual has been on medication for a prolonged period of time and becomes habituated to the drug, it is possible that even though the content was high in the blood stream, it would not have impacted the ability to drive.

Drugs can remain in your blood or urine for days after they are taken and all of these factors need to be considered, investigated and, if possible, proven for a proper defense.


Despite what some people believe, it is not legal to drive while under the influence of prescription medication if that medication can impair your ability to drive a vehicle. Police officers will often use drug recognition evaluations (DREs) and blood or urine tests to try to prove the DUI charge.

If you are convicted of a DUI, a license suspension is a serious consequence of your DUI, especially if you need to drive to school or work or take care of family members. Not to mention, the premium for your auto insurance will probably sky rocket. A conviction lasts forever on your criminal record and could even affect your right to own a firearm.

The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code provides strict guidelines for operating a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania and determines the minimum and maximum sentencing (fines, license suspension, jail time, probation, and other restrictions) for violations of those guidelines in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The minimum fine for a DUI Controlled Substance for a first offense is $1,000 and the maximum is $5,000, along with other sentencing including a minimum of 72 hours of imprisonment.

Sentencing in Pennsylvania for convicted individuals driving under the influence of a controlled substance is as follows for a first-time conviction:

  • Undergo imprisonment of not less than 72 consecutive hours;
  • Minimum $1,000 fine; maximum of $5,000;
  • One year drivers license suspension;
  • Attend an alcohol highway safety school;
  • Comply with all drug and alcohol treatment requirements.

Our number one goal: Your DUI charges reduced or dismissed.

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Call Ketchel Law now at 412-456-1221 for a free legal consultation.

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