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I was blessed to have an attorney who got the results I was aspiring to.. Thank you Thomas McKinley and your team at the law firm of Justin Ketchel. I was referred to Justin Ketchel legal services via my original attorney from Blair county.. He put me into a transition due to his worries that he may not be as familiar with the Allegheny County court DAs and prosecutors, thus he pointed me and my court case into the capable hands of one of Justin Ketchel’s attorneys, Thomas M. McKinley. Initially, I had skepticism regarding whether this was a wise decision, however I now look back onto this decision as a blessing.

Thomas McKinley had, essentially, guided me through the entire process with confidence and reassurance for my anxieties. Thomas was well within his comfort zone at the Allegheny Courthouse and was adept at navigating my case into the appropriate Judges domain, all while adapting to the changes that accompanied the processes during the COVID pandemic. The legal fees for the services I required were very reasonable and I would recommend Thomas McKinley and the Law Firm of Justin Ketchel to anybody who is in need of an attorney who can handle their legal matters with confidence and skill.

Thanks again Thomas McKinley and the team at Justin Ketchel legal services.

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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.