We met Attorney Justin Ketchel approximately a couple of months ago. My son and I had a letter from him offering his services to assist us with a case that my son was encountering. It was a real case to say the least full of some really nasty criminal charges. Justin Kechel never flinched from the beginning. He was in control of the situation from the start and the amount of confidence that he demonstrated simply left our family feel at ease in spite of it all. Justin Ketchel is a very knowledgeable lawyer. He consistently kept us informed step by step as to everything that occurred. He is responsive and trustworthy . He is worth every dollar that we paid him. Anyone that can take a case of seven really bad charges and bring closure to that case with just one summary offense is either brilliant or nothing short of a miracle worker. I can sit here and tell you one thing and that is that Justin Ketchel will be my families attorney from this point on. We are highly inspired by him and we have a horrendous amount of confidence in him. He is stellar.