Review by Gordon

Another perfect score. When I believed that I needed an attorney to represent me, I did an on-line search. A couple firms never ever returned my call. Two others did, but they were rude, arrogant, and judgmental. (Two of a kind – both rating each other as exceptional lawyers while demonstrating their unprofessionalism by arguing with clients who had given them critical reviews. How offensive and shameful. You’ll find them if you pay attention to their reviews – and they may have mailed you propaganda in advance.)

Then, there was Justin’s firm. #1) Justin returned my call almost immediately during evening hours; #2) He listened; #3) He was professional and polite; #4) He was not judgmental; #5) He was willing to utilize items important to me if needed; and, #6) Most importantly, he was positive – expressing confidence in a great outcome.

Given 40 perfect 5 Star reviews, he had earned my business. It was Anthony Jackson who represented me in the courtroom. Within a matter of minutes, he had won our case. Anthony is one of the most amazing individuals I have ever met. I liked him first time over the phone and was immediately comfortable and “In Awe” impressed with him in person – a very rare and special man in soul and spirit. Thank you, Anthony. Follow you anywhere, I would.

Google Review – Five Stars | One Year Ago