Fentanyl Test Strips Now Legal in Pennsylvania

Every day more people are becoming addicted to Fentanyl and more drug dealers are lacing pills and other drugs with Fentanyl (often without the user’s knowledge). These drugs could include illegal prescription medicine like Oxycontin or other drugs like heroin and cocaine. This has left dealers and drug users wondering if their product is safe or laced with Fentanyl. Test strips give them a quick answer.

fentanyl testing stripsIn large cities like New York, bars, dance clubs, and restaurants offer Fentanyl testing strips to their patrons.

But several states have outlawed the test strips, seeing them as condoning illegal drugs or as a way to build a criminal case against drug dealers. But other states and jurisdictions see them as a way to save lives.

Pennsylvania now falls into the latter category, making test strips legal, as of November 3, 2022, when Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 1393 which legalizes Fentanyl test strips. 

The bill amends the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act of 1972 to no longer define fentanyl test strips as drug paraphernalia.

It is now legal in Pennsylvania to possess Fentanyl strips. Before this law was signed into law, two of the biggest cities with the biggest drug crime problems had already decriminalized the testing strips: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

On August 2, 2021, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed Executive Order 4-21 that made it the City’s policy to not charge people for possessing or distributing fentanyl strips. On August 31, 2021, then-Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto also signed an executive order decriminalizing Fentanyl test strips.

The Pennsylvania House bill to decriminalize Fentanyl test strips now allows people to test without the risk of being charged with drug paraphernalia.

Fentanyl overdoses are now the top cause of death among U.S. persons aged 18-45 – surpassing suicide, car accidents and COVID, according to an analysis of federal data by Families Against Fentanyl.

If you or someone you knows is in need of Fentanyl test strips in Pittsburgh, you can get them for free from Prevention Point Pittsburgh.

Fentanyl possession is a serious crime that could result in a minimum of two years in prison.

If you have been charged with Fentanyl possession or any other drug charge, please call our Pittsburgh Drug Attorneys today for a free consultation.

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