The DUI Hotel Program in Pittsburgh, PA

The Allegheny County DUI Hotel Program: What is it and who is it for?

The Pittsburgh DUI Hotel Program is an initiative to provide an alternative to traditional incarceration for individuals charged with DUI offenses in Allegheny County Pennsylvania.

It aims to offer rehabilitation and a chance to address the root causes of DUI offenses. And instead of a jail sentence and license suspension – in which people may end up losing their jobs, offenders can complete the program in one weekend.

This program is for first-time DUI offenders. It is a four-day, three-night treatment program in which offenders take part in drug and alcohol classes, treatment sessions, and evaluations. All of this takes place in a local hotel during one four-day weekend. The starting costs are  $500 and up if you do not wish to share a room.

It’s crucial to remember that while the program may require an upfront fee, it can be substantially more cost-effective than serving a jail sentence. Supporters of the program argue that the long-term benefits, including reduced recidivism rates and improved public safety, outweigh the initial financial investment.

If you were charged with DUI, to find out if you qualify or if it would make a good option for you, call our Pittsburgh DUI Lawyers for a free consultation. Generally, if you are not facing jail time there may be other programs that may be more beneficial to you, like the Pittsburgh ARD program, Veterans Court, or the DUI Court Program.

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