ARD Program—Pennsylvania

What is the ARD Program and would it Benefit You?

The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (“ARD”) program is a special program for first time offenders in Pennsylvania. ARD is usually used for a first offense DUI, but also can be used for other crimes such as first time drug possession and theft.

As the name suggests, the purpose of the ARD program is rehabilitation. The terms of the ARD program often include classes designed to assist and deter the accused from the act that led them to the court system in the first place.  For example, ARD classes for a first-offense DUI would include alcohol and highway safety classes.

The ARD program allows the accused to have the charges against them stayed and, upon completion of the terms of the ARD program, to have their charges withdrawn and expunged from their record.

Additionally, if it is a first offense DUI, ARD will reduce a license suspension from a potential one-year suspension to a maximum of sixty days.

ARD participants must also be non-violent offenders to qualify.

Generally, the ARD Program will have specific requirements that must be fulfilled within a period of a year.

Requirements of the ARD Program may include:

  • Meeting with a program supervisor regularly;
  • Attending drug and/or alcohol counseling sessions;
  • Fulfilling community service;
  • Passing regular drug tests that prove sobriety, and;
  • Paying court fees and/or restitution.

The District Attorney’s office is the entity that determines whether ARD is going to be offered to a defendant.  Because of this, it is important to have a dedicated, experienced Pittsburgh DUI attorney to fight on your behalf for acceptance into the ARD program.

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