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Recent PA Court Ruling on Medical Marijuana: A Schedule I Drug in DUI Cases


Court Rules You Can be Charged and Convicted of DUI of Drugs for using Medical Marijuana Many medical marijuana users in Pennsylvania are in shock over the recent ruling in early May 2022 that says the legal medicine they have been prescribed could mean they are at risk for being charged with Driving Under the …

Avoiding a DUI Arrest


What Actions Could Make You Get Pulled Over for DUI? Officers are trained to detect drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs from observing the individual operate the vehicle, react during a traffic stop, and complete field sobriety tests. The following show the different phases of a DUI arrest and highlights what you should …

Pittsburgh Police Intensify Efforts to Make DUI Arrests on Holidays


I think it is a great idea to meet up with your family and friends, but be extra careful. During holidays when you are merely looking to relax and catch-up with those who are closest to you, the police are aggressively making DUI arrests. Often, the police will position themselves near local bars and restaurants, and they only need minimal evidence that you have committed a traffic violation to justify stopping your vehicle.